Due to the recent protectionist measures in Europe, the number of foreign vehicles entering the French territory is seldom to few. Fortunately, California is an almost inexhaustible pool of collectable vehicles.

Besides the wealth of the local markets, California offers good prospects for finding old vehicles “in juice” and without corrosion.

LTI Cars –  turnkey services for vehicle import/exporting

• Research of your ideal and preferred collection requirements
• Negotiation and secure transaction for all prospects
• Vehicle repatriation management and delivery to your location

Importing a collection vehicle is detailed and involved. Let us take the wheel and help you through this process.

We have the expertise and history to answer your questions or concerns as they arise. We’re here for you through the entire process.

The logistics of importing your CLASSIC CAR from California:

• Transport vehicle from purchase location to the port
• Shipping and insurance formalities
• Stuffing and maritime container transport to/from Europe
• Stripping and port transactions
• Approved Auto Expert Report FFVE *
• Customs clearance
• Road transport to your desired location


The price of classic vehicles recorded an average increase of 400% over the past ten years. This is how we turn our passion into financial investments.

Investing is no longer limited to beautiful object profiles capable of vibrating the fiber nostalgic collector that revolves in a universe of sound and fury, awash in oil and petrol.  Today the classic vehicles are above all an excellent investment which, unlike the works of art, are beyond the calculation of the ISF.

The Financial Times, in its edition of February 2013, estimated that the price of collector cars has increased on average by 395% since 2002, shattering the growth rate of 195% of works of art, one of the great wines have subsidized 166% or collection of watches including rising peaked at 76%. In addition, you can’t cruise down the highway in anything else but a classic beauty.

Vintage cars, too long remained the preserve of enthusiasts passionate about mechanics, in the art market, generate a new look. Especially the buyers from Eastern European countries, the Middle East or the United States contributing to soaring prices.

The market is far from saturated. For Rétromobile, in its edition of February 7, 2014, Artcurial hopes to sell 25 million cars (15 million in 2013 and 12.5 million in 2012). In addition, economic policymakers are wondering about the consequences qu’entraînera the arrival of the Chinese in this market. For now, they do not have the right to import used cars, except for the concours d’elegance. A restrictive measure intended to force Western manufacturers to produce in China … Nevertheless, the day the Chinese will import a car collection, the market will, inevitably, its largest rise … An appointment not to be missed and who is preparing today.

Sources: Journal du Net, Eric CODER, January 2014

The entry of new international buyers on the classic car market is reshuffling the cards of this niche trade. Investment will supplants passion.

With 200,000 automotive events per year, including 1,300 major events, and over 2,000 clubs with 780,000 members, the market for car collection that still weighs 27.7 billion euros* is boiling. In fact, it’s almost a speculative bubble which sparkle and showcase this niche. Between 2009 and 2014, the price of high-end models has multiplied by 2.75, and of that, Ferrari alone – by 1.8.

The Matching Numbers network which organized this May 13, 2014 a meeting by inviting five business experts to shed light on the evolution of this market gives some explanations. A first response stated the fifty collectors present tax applied to those few objects that have more than 30 years as part of an assignment that ISF. A point that could justify the increased interest of some investors. “This is a financial asset in its own right, says Fabien Vatinel, director of wealth management at Neuflize OBC is even a token that can be used as collateral in a property purchase.”

Beyond 5000 euros – in most cases, purchasers must pay a flat tax of 6% (from January 1) the price of the vehicle, but the other regime states common law of capital gains on property, in fact, a complete exemption after 22 years of detention.


Another key factor: with Internet and internationalization of this flux, the market is globalized and imports are soaring.  Topping the list (50 most desired) include the Mustang and Corvette, Porsche (also from Japan), MG, Triumph and Austin Healey. “Demand is also strong for the French models like the Renault Alpine coming from Japan,” said Christophe Hoche, leader Tran Scorp International (TSI).  On the export side, conversely, the French market is watched by Russian buyers, the US and China. A new fact. “in out of 1,000 annual operations, only 5% are processed for export, but it is growing steadily,” says Christophe Hoche. The Renault 12, R17, and other Ami6 2CV generate a never-seen enthusiasm. “It’s crazy, cars that I imported it 10 years ago are being re-exported to the United States 10 times the price! “Says Franco Lembo, trader Champagne region at the head of Automobilia.

 No doubt about it: the buyers are investors. “There are too few collectors and they typically keep their cars! “Says the professional who also confirms the soaring prices. The Porsche 993 GT2, for example, has seen its price tripled in two years.

Applications flock from all sides. Conductor recognized this market, the house Artcurial confirmed. “We send 6,000 catalogs and 15,000 mailers worldwide. Our marketing has become international, “says Peter Novikov, a specialist at Artcurial whose sales véhciules collection of auction raised 29.5 million euros last year. A score already exceeded at this stage in 2014! And yet, it is an underdog against a player such as RM Auctions (500 million+).  Some French are still buying classic cars, for taste and to escape the ISF, but 88% lower at 100,000 vehicles go abroad.

In this, the expert cited its pricing is steadily increasing every month on the Butterfly SL 300 or 246 GT Dino … With this in mind, manufacturers are now embracing their old models, creating restoration workshops for Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW and even Peugeot. “There is a huge potential,” says Alexis Delicourt founder Delicourt Expertise.

Sources: The Argus Pro

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